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Gen Con 2012 Auction Statistics Available

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IMPORTANT: The Gen Con Indy Auction Rooms changed in 2011 - We're now in rooms 130-133.

About Game Auctions

The first live game auction was hosted at the second Gen Con game show in 1969. Since then, there have been hundreds of live game auctions all over the world. At each auction, gamers bring in their no longer wanted games and gaming items, to be sold either at public auction, or at a fixed price in a consignment store.

Some auctions allow a “silent bidding process”, where bidders can write their bids on a piece of paper connected with an item. But the most popular auctions are ones where each item is in turn auctioned Live, with the highest bidder winning the item.

Charity segments are also popular in live game auctions. Gamers are very generous, and many auctions will allow gamers or manufacturers to donate items to a charitable cause. All or most of the funds raised by selling the donated items in the live auction are then given to the charity. Gen Con live game auction is also famous for its charity segments. You can see details about these auctions here.

How a live gaming auction and consignment store works

Terms often used in live gaming auctions

Advice on how to get the most for your items

General FAQ about live game auctions

Here is a calendar of upcoming live game auctions in date order:

Date Year Convention
November 10 2012 Wandering Dragon
February 15-18 2013 Orccon
February 20-24 2013

PrezCon Auction

May 24-27

2013 KublaCon
May 24-27 2013 Gamex
May 27-June 2 2013 ConsimWorld Expo Auction
June 12-16 2013 Origins Auction
June 21-23 2013 Polycon
July 29-Aug 4 2013 World Boardgaming Championship (WBC)
August 15-18 2013 Gen Con Auction
August 30-Sep 2 2013 Gateway

If you are aware of any live gaming auction that we have missed, please send email to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with as much information as you know, so we can get it added. Also, please add a link to this web page on your website or favorite gaming website, so we can spread the fun of live game auctions.